I met a lovely crocheter on Monday. I actually also met a lovely knitter, but the Hubby had to go back for his procedure, so we didn’t get to shop talk.  🙂

(Don’t worry- Hubby is fine.)

The crocheter and I had a lovely conversation about yarn and knitting, while we were waiting for the valet to show up with our respective cars. I wasn’t even knitting, but she spotted the yarn in my bag. So naturally I had to show her what I was working on! She loved it, and lamented the fact that she’s not a good knitter (her stitches are uneven), and asked if I sold my work. (I’ve been getting that a LOT lately. I take it as a complement.)

Anyway- the crocheter mentioned that she gets almost all of her yarn exclusively from The Yarn Factory Outlet (e-Tent). So I’m going to take this moment to remind you of their lovely deals: E-Tent

(And for those of you who don’t know- E-Tent is the overstock/discount store for Caron, Bernat, Patons, Lily, and Peaches & Creme. So if you regularly use any of those brands- you’ll definitely want to check it out.)


In other news- we have a tomato:

Too bad the weather is starting to turn. This little guy will never make it to ripeness. I must remember to seed EARLIER next year. In April, not June. It’s just that our April and Mays were both soooo wet- I didn’t think they would survive.