I may have to forgo my hand painted acrylic yarn idea. I’ve been scouring the internet for methods, and none of them seem like they are going to give me what I want. See- the essential consensus is to either use acrylic paint or special dye. The special dye WILL dye acrylic yarn, BUT it won’t be as vibrant. And it will be one color. One. So… none of the fun things I’ve been doing with rainbows.

And because the dye sets at boiling- you can’t hand paint.

The acrylic paint method is basically coating the acrylic strands in acrylic paint. Coating, not dyeing. The color will be lighter than the paint you use, and the end result is rather crunchy, and the jury is out on whether the paint will fade, or come off. So- I can never get a deep, dark color with this method.
I’m still hanging on to hope, but it’s fading fast…