This is Shadow. He’s a Bombay.

He’s my kitten. (I consider ALL cats to be kittens, unless they are trying to eat your face… or other vital body parts. Same with dogs.)

Shadow has Ulcerative Colitis. He is on a 8-10 week cycle. For 8-10 weeks, he feels pretty good, then all of a sudden- he starts puking up food. (And there are other symptoms, but I will spare you the details.) It used to be a 6-8 week cycle before Hubby and I married; but thanks to my calming influence- it has been extended.


Shadow had a puking episode last night, and you really feel bad for him. THAT much sound should not be coming from that little body. BUT- that means it’s time for meds, time to take his dry food away, and time for TUNA SOUP!


The recipe is simple. 1 TABLESPOON of lukewarm water per every teaspoon of tuna. Stir to break up big clumps of tuna, and to impart tuna flavor into the water. Stir until the water becomes cloudy, then the TUNA SOUP is ready! (You can also substitute ANY wet food that doesn’t already have gravy.)


We started adding the water instead of just giving him straight tuna, because Shadow doesn’t drink a lot of water while his G.I. tract is swollen and hurting. So you need to make sure he stays hydrated as much as possible. We have this little ramekin (that we probably stole from Hubby’s mom) that we serve it in, and Shadow knows that good things come in that little dish. So every time IT comes out- he gets SOUP. Sometimes he finds the ramekin’s hiding spot and puts it out himself, hoping one of us will fill it with TUNA SOUP, but that never works.


I found out last night that Hubby does not stir the TUNA SOUP, when he makes it for the kitten. This probably why Shadow likes my soup the best. I make sure it’s nice and tuna-y.