So here is the current state of the class hat:

I literally can’t knit any further. I have enough yarn for 3/4ths of a row. And that’s it. I *thought* I had enough to take me to the next color change, but I was oh, so very wrong. 1 and 1/4th rows worth of wrong.

And if you will recall- I ran out of (the same) yarn 3/4ths of the way through the first Business Time Scarf. So I apparently am very crappy at this yarn chicken thing.

Ah well.

In Awesomely-Related News- Hubby is going to pick up another skein of yarn for me! Woot! We have progressed from “You only spent $50? That’s a bargain!”, to “Would you like me to pick up some more yarn for you?” Wow. Yes, please!

I have given him the yarn label, so that he doesn’t accidentally pick up the wrong thing. All he has to do is match the package- color and size.

(He still thinks I have too much stash yarn, but he never objects to me picking up more. Go figure.)