Day 6: Flash Your Stash

I have a full-size bed’s worth of stash. That’s how I’m going to term it. Hubby was very surprised. He walked in during the photographing part, else he probably wouldn’t have seen all of it. I’m not trying to hide it from him (I’m very up front about my yarn needs), but it’s an entirely different thing to walk by two yarn bins everyday, than is to actually SEE all of it laid out. He says he was more surprised by the color choices. And to that I respond with: 1. About 30% of it was donated to me. I can’t control the color choices of donated yarn, and 2. Not all of it was bought with the idea that it was FOR me. And as I have people in my life who like annoying colors like PINK – I do have to keep those colors on hand.

So while I’m flashing my stash- let’s point out a few things.

1. The Yarn for Aunt Linda’s Blanket (the lilac is under there somewhere)

2. The Weasley sweater

(So I DO have a picture of it- it’s just not close-up.)

3. It’s hard to see, but this bag:

Most of it (and also that blue/white thing behind the Weasley sweater) is yarn that needs reclaiming. Half is donated projects, and half is projects I lost interest on or want to redo at some point in the future.

4. The bag of mystery yarn. I have no idea what animal/plant these are.

Don’t worry- identification is coming this week!

I’m not looking forward to Day 9. That’s when I have to put all of this into Ravelry. And as about 35% of it does not have ball bands- all I know about it, is that it’s acrylic yarn. Fun times.