Day 21: How to Store Your Needles and Hooks

Most of the tips from the blog for today are how to DISPLAY your knitting needles. There’s a few good methods of storage, though.

Since I am a circular girl- most of my needles are circular needles. I keep them in an Addi leather envelope. I keep my Addi Clicks in another Addi envelope.

I currently have 3 1/2 straight needles pairs. (Yes- I’m missing one, and it’s not hiding in any yarn project. I’m hoping it’s in the bottom of a bag somewhere, but as my knitting travels with me- that could be ANY bag.) Two sets of my straight needles are in my Class bin, as I use them for class demonstrations. The bigger needles are easier to see. The other ONE is in my ‘storage’ yarn bin. As soon as I find his mate- it will join him.

I don’t have that many DPNs. They tend to grow legs and walk away. I don’t like them ANYWAY. But I do have one full set of US 4’s, about three US 6s, and two US 8’s. Like I said- they walk away. They get stuffed in the yarn bin with the straight needles.

My crochet hooks kind of just hang out. Since I can’t crochet- they are mainly used for catching dropped stitches or mistakes. So they usually hang out with my scissors, stitch markers, and measuring tape. So there’s usually at least one with each project. They pretty much stay where I put them, so I don’t buy new ones very often. I still have the acrylic Susan Bates set I bought shortly after I learned to knit. Part of me wants to buy a fancy set with the contoured handle, but the other part of me says no. Why buy something fancy, that you’re only going to use to fix mistakes? Umm… because I like having fancy tools?

I am, HOWEVER, working on starting a few Fairy Castles.  When I complete them- I can sit them in the living room, and I don’t think my Hubby will object. Oh wait- no I have a cat. He’ll probably gnaw on the roof… *sigh*